About Us


Maulana Azad B.Ed., College was established in 2004 as an unit of Sultan Shaheed Education Trust by Prof. B. Sheik Ali, a renowned Professor and an Educationist, who has rich experience of building two new Universities in the land. It was his vision to promote in the society new attitudes and values, new knowledge and culture, and new humanism and peace that led to a new venture of this College. He was fortunate to have a dynamic Secretary of the Trust in Mr. T.C.Muneer Pasha, whose devotion and hard work, skill and competence helped him immensely in lifting this B.Ed., College to a high level. It is appropriately named after the great nationalist leader and the first Union Minister of Education of free India, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad.
Sultan Shaheed Education Trust, was established in the year 1992 with the intention of improving the conditions of the people in the most backward area of Mysore City. It has rendered yeoman service over the years having brought into existence more than a dozen institutions.
The College, which is 12 years old, has been recognized as a reputed institution catering to the needs of both urban and rural secondary schools by providing the much needed expertise through its training programmes. The B.Ed., degree examination results during the said period have been quite impressive throughout.
At present, the College is efficiently managed under the patronage of Prof. B. Sheikh Ali the President of the College and the dynamic leadership of the Secretary and the Correspondent Mr. T.C. Muneer Pasha.

Objectives of College:

  • Acquire relevant knowledge with respect to foundation and methodology course.
  • Acquire mastery over the required content.
  • Acquire teaching skills and strategies to transact the given content.
  • Innovate and experiment classroom practices.
  • Acquire confidence and abilities to plan and organize school related/community based programmes and activities.
  • Develop professional attitude.
  • Re-enthusiastic and proactive.
  • Demonstrate commitment to moral values such as loyalty, love, service, equality and excellence.
  • Sensitize issues of ecology and the environment.
  • Help open mindedness so as to acquire related competencies to meet global trends and demands.
  • Develop responsibility towards scope and dimension of socially/economically disadvantaged sections of the society specially in rural areas.
  • Receive assistance in respect of employment and placement services.
  • Provide leadership in all walks of life and thus be agents of change in our society by breaking the fetters of all social evils for the betterment of the people of our country, and for a better world.