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The College boasts of a well stocked open-access Library with 4,529 volumes. The Library is household in a spacious hall that can accommodate sufficient number of Students, who frequent the library for organized individual and group study and assignments projects. Flexible timings ensure effective use of Library resources, Journal, Magazines and Periodicals, are well subscribed. Volumes are classified according to the Dewey decimal classification system.

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The College computer laboratory has given the faculty and students access to the world of information and offers help to uses in educational technology along with the innumerable application of multimedia education. The current B.Ed., degree programmer has computer education as an integral part to meet the requirements of the input. Use of interactive digital smart boards, LCD projectors and Laptop and provide relevant support for educational programmer.

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Well equipped Physics, Chemistry, and Biology Laboratories prepare our teacher trainees to develop and import scientific skills relevant to the need of the hour.

Facilities added during the last Quarter

By the periodical and continuous investigations, and to meet the demands of technological era, the Management has extended full support.

  • 1.Innovative instructional devices. LCD projector, CAI Laboratory.
  • 2.Separate Reading Room in the Library.
  • 3.Ladies Room.
  • 4.Separate Lavoratory facilities for both boys and girls.
  • 5.Residential facility for ladies in a Hostel.

Number of books in the Library, Journal, Subscribed to an additions if any in the last quarter.

Library:In the Last Quarter a Sum of 101 Books and Journals were been Subscribed.

  • Hard Core Course text books

    Philosophical and Sociological foundation of education
    Psychology of the learner and evaluation.
    Instructional process.

  • Soft Core Course text books

    1) Kannada (2) English (3) History (4) Geography (5) Physics (6) Mathematics 7) Chemistry (8) Biology.

  • Elective course text books

    1) Environmental Studies (2) Women’s Education (3) Guidance and Counseling 4) Computer Education

  • Subscribed Journal and Magazines:


    1) Indian Pediatrics. (2) Indian Journal of Adult Education. (3) Indian Philosophical quality. 4) Down to Earth (5) Science Reporter (6) University News.

  • Magazines

    Anupama a Kannada Magazine is Subscribed.